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String org::jlhafrontend::ListFormatter::toField ( String  s1,
int  fieldLen,
boolean  leftAlign 
) [inline]

padding spaces if a given string is not long enough

s1 the given string
fieldLen minimal length of the return string
leftAlign If true, the space will padding to the end of the string. If false, the space will padding to the head of the string.
padded string

Definition at line 106 of file ListFormatter.java.

Referenced by org::jlhafrontend::JLHAFrontEnd::createFile(), getPACKED(), getPERMSSN(), getRATIO(), getSIZE(), getSTAMP(), getUIDGID(), org::jlhafrontend::JLHAFrontEnd::list(), and org::jlhafrontend::JLHAFrontEnd::verboseList().

      return ListFormatter._toField(s1,fieldLen,leftAlign);

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