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org::jlhafrontend::ListFormatter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Formatted output class for list/verbose list command

Definition at line 44 of file ListFormatter.java.

Public Member Functions

String getCRC ()
String getMETHOD ()
String getPACKED ()
String getPERMSSN ()
String getRATIO ()
String getSIZE ()
String getSTAMP ()
String getUIDGID ()
 ListFormatter (LhaHeader a)
 ListFormatter ()
void setLhaHeader (LhaHeader lh)
String toField (String s1, int fieldLen, boolean leftAlign)

Static Public Member Functions

static String _toField (String s1, int fieldLen, boolean leftAlign)
static String genFileDate (File a)
static String genFileDate (String filename)

Protected Attributes

Logger mylogger = null

Private Attributes

LhaHeader lh = null

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